"...such an innovative artist!"

- Jacqueline Jax, AVA Live Radio -


From his time as a member of one of Indonesia’s most popular music acts to his current project performing as the "Mighty One Man Band", Bruce Atomo's musicianship has been wowing fans for years.  A multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer, Bruce Atomo splashed into the music scene in 2006 after joining eVo, one of Indonesia’s biggest bands at the time and signed to major record label Sony-BMG. During his time with eVo, Bruce released a nationally-acclaimed album, toured Indonesia and made dozens of television appearances with the band.


​Since initiating his solo career in 2010, Bruce has found a new outlet for his creative performances by simultaneously playing guitar, piano, synth, drums, and bass... all while singing! Hence, the Mighty One Man Band was born as Bruce Atomo has taken his multi-instrumental skills to super-heroic level. Now Mighty One Man Band’s social media has already garnered a large amount of followers; and there he posts original compositions as well as depicting stories that define his unique character and special artistry. In October 2019, a culmination is achieved as the debut album of Mighty One Man Band is released.

Mighty One Man Band’s dedication to the art of music stretches even beyond his own work as a musician. He is the founder of Music Temple, considered by many to be the best English-speaking music school in Indonesia. Music Temple has been appointed to provide lessons for students attending top international schools, including Jakarta International School, Netherlands International School, and Australian International School. In addition, now Music Temple has also expanded into a record label with the Mighty One Man Band's debut album as its first release, and the label plans to release more extraordinary artists in the future and as well as taking part in the disruptive movement within the music industry. Mighty One Man Band is also a graduate of the esteemed Berklee College of Music in the United States city of Boston; and in recent years, he has also become a family man.


( Finish reading this bio by imagining the sound of birds singing, and then followed by the massive landing sound of KABOOM! =) )