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  1. The Co-Pilot

From the recording Mighty One Man Band

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The Co-Pilot

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Composed, arranged, produced and performed by Mighty One Man Band a.k.a Bruce Atomo, a.k.a Sulaiman Rangga Tarmizi.

© & ℗ Copyright 2019 by Mighty One Man Band. All Rights Reserved.



To many years of flying together.
To health, success, bliss, and the good life.
It's always been you by my side.
Your strength has complemented mine.
You're my rock, my sanctuary, and my CO-PILOT!

In bad and good times we have been through.
In turbulence and breeze we have sailed through.
We both have found the perfect home.
Keep steering this ship or this plane... or...
Whatever its name as long as you are my CO-PILOT!
You are The CO-PILOT!

Let's fly! What a ride! You and me! In this ship!
We'll bring in crew and passengers, we'll fly them and lead them (3x)
And in the end, you’ll always be my CO-PILOT.

And don't let this ship crash!

Thank you for all the trust and the love.
I too cherish you and in love... with you.
I believe in you because you are The CO-PILOT!
You are The CO-PILOT!
You are My CO-PILOT!